What are the restrictions on pregnant female largemouth bass?

What are the restrictions on pregnant female large mouth bass?

Every state and county will have different restriction for fishing pregnant female largemouth bass. Although there may not be any specific restrictions, you should allow the females to spawn or the population will die off and fishing largemouths will be extinct. After the spawn is a good time to fish largemouth, but make sure that you are out of the spawning grounds and the females have done what they set out to do. You have to think about fishing for the future before you think about disrupting the spawn. If you are catching the spawning females before they have had a chance to lay the eggs, the lake or river will become useless for any fishing. It is important to know any specific regulations for any county, but even if there are no restrictions, you need to allow the fish to spawn. Leave the males alone until their jobs are done. Even if a largemouth lays one hundred thousand eggs, does not mean that all of those will survive. Other predator fish will seek out the eggs and can eat all of them. This is the reason why you need to wait until after the spawn before catching the females that are spawning. You should also leave the males alone until after the spawning period. Before fishing, always make sure what the DNR has set for regulations for any type of fish. This will help you stay out of trouble with the DNR and keep the fish population growing for the future.

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