What are the top ten bass fishing states? What are the top ten bass fishing lakes?

Hi, What are the top ten bass fishing states? What are the top ten bass fishing lakes? Thank you, Melissa

Melissa, giving a carved in stone answer to this question would stir up a hornet’s nest. In view of that possibility, the best I can do is give you a short list of some of the best bass fishing lakes that few bass anglers would disagree with being among the best bass fishing lakes in the country. Florida’s West Lake Tophopekaliga is on the list of every bass angler who has ever fished it’s waters. In fact, in January 2007, B.A.S.S. tournament anglers blew the old world record of just over 91 pounds when the winners pulled in just under 109 pounds of bass. Texas is another of the best bass fishing states to grace our shores. There are over a hundred freshwater lakes in Texas, with many anglers agreeing that Lake Fork is one of the best bass lakes in the nation, with Lake Ray Roberts coming in a close Texas second. Another world class bass lake is in the scenic hills of Arkansas. Bull Shoals Lake has smallies, largemouth bass, Kentucky Bass, and white bass, as well as other species of fish in gloriously high numbers! Connecticut has quietly become one of the premier bass hot spots in our country with Crystal Lake with baits that imitate the natural forage allowing anglers to pull in bass after bass. When it comes to bass fishing, let’s not leave out the golden state. California’s Lake Casitas, is widely recognized as being California’s very best bass swimbait lake, and one of the premier bass lakes in the country. Many consider the Buggs Island (Kerr) lake area to be one of the very best bass lakes anywhere, with High Rock Lake and Jordan Lake, all in North Carolina, to top the bass fishing lakes list. Missouri can boast the Lake of the Ozarks. Though fishing this much enjoyed lake in the summer can be trying, because there are simply too many boats out there, at other times of the year, you can catch some good bass there. Oklahoma Grand Lake, and all the lakes the tailwaters below Grand Lake contribute to, are premier bass fishing lakes that can not be outdone. Oklahoma, without doubt, is one of the finest bass fishing lakes states in the nation. Green County, in particular, is stellar for bass angling. Kentucky can boast Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. These are all fine bass havens, and many bass are pulled from there every year. New Jersey is home to Lake Hopatcong which is home to both smallie and largemouth bass. In 2007, Lake Hopatcong was the top bass producer in the nation. Georgia is home to Blue Ridge Lake. The small mouth bass there are beyond compare. This should answer your question somewhat, Melissa. Happy Fishing!

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