What area of Florida has the best bass fishing of all?

What area of Florida has the best bass fishing of all? I want to go there and nail them.

The best area is Lake Okeechobee by Kissimmee. The lake is so large. You will find plenty of areas to fish for bass. The only other lake larger than Lake Okeechobee is Lake Michigan. This gives you an idea of how big it is because Lake Erie and Ontario are smaller. Although this lake is so large, the water level is ideal for catching bass. The water is not that deep at all. The water that you will find the bass in is only about six feet deep at the most. This would be the best lake to do some sight fishing since a pair of sunglasses will help you see the fish on a sunny day. Lake Okeechobee has some Largemouth Bass that you can catch with a shiner caught right out of the same lake. I would suggest using the larger shiners because you will attract the large bass this way. Make sure to keep the bait alive. The bass is not going to find the shiner a good meal if it does not move and catch their attention. Make sure you have a good strong hook that is big enough to catch the Largemouth. A small hook is not going to keep them on the line. The bass is a aggressive fish and can get away from a hook that is to small and does not hook them properly. Some use bobbers on this lake, but you can use just about any technique you want to catch a bass here.

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