What is good bass bait?

What is good bass bait?

The best bass bait will depend on what the most abundant prey is in the water you are fishing. Bass prey on crawdads, minnows and worms for the most part. One of my favorite places for bass fishing has alot of crawdads so that is what I go with when using bait instead of a lure. Crawdads will work the best when you fish with them along the bottom because this is where the bass usually find them. If the bass are not hanging around the bottom try to use minnows on a drop line. Make sure the minnows are alive and healthy. Dead minnows are great for trolling but for anything else you will want good healthy minnows. Worms are a good all around bait and will catch alot of bass if you are putting them in the right places. Fish with worms around any type of cover that the bass use.

“What do smallmouth bass eat?”,”What do smallmouth bass eat?

Smallmouth bass consume a variety of items, depending on their natural habitat. They mainly consume small fish such as minnows in most locations. They will also eat various types of small insects that happen to be in their environment. They will eat worms, which is why both worms and minnows can be great bait for you to catch smallmouth bass with.
They may consume various types of algae and plants too that are in their natural environment. If you have a pond where you want them to grow, you should make sure the plants are limited as they take up too much of the gases the fish need to survive. You can also provide them with pellet food or flakes of food offered from pet stores or online. This will help them to get adequate nutrition if the normal methods of eating for them are limited in your pond location.

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