What is the best bait for bass fishing?

wut is da best bait for bass fishin?

Bass fishing enthusiasts everywhere have certain preferences and habits that are difficult to break and their favourite bait is one of them. You will fid that everyone has a favourite but much depends on the nature of the water and the population of bass in said body of water. However, if you were in need of a definitive bait that stands head and shoulders above the others then the plastic worm is the one to go for. The plastic worm is perfect for fishing the mid to top waters in all conditions. It glides through even the densest vegetation so you have no need to worry about it getting stuck at all. It will also move realistically in the lightest and the heaviest vegetative spots. The fact that it moves so well is the main reason why both largemouth and smallmouth bass go crazy for them. It is incredibly easy to manoevre and use because it simply flows along with the water itself and so appears to be natural. The plastic worm is readily available and should be a staple part of your tackle box because it is the bait to pull out if things are not going your way on the lakes or rivers that you choose to fish. The plastic worm can also be used when you are trawling for stripers. As you can see, it is incredibly versatile, and easily the most usable available. Although the spinnerbaits and crankbaits are good, plastic worms are most definitely the best.

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