What lure or bait should I use when fishing for largemouth bass when it hits 100 degrees?

Hello, my name is Jake and i love fishing. I live in kansas and i go to minnesota every year to fish. In kansas there is a big creek that flows into the Missouri river. There are bass, carp, catfish, and wipers. I love the largemouth but it is getting up to 100 degrees and i dont know what lure, or bait i should use?

If you go fishing for bass in the summer months when the temperatures are pushing 100 degrees then the likelihood is that your catch rate will not be as high as it would be in spring or fall. Bass do tend to hide away when the watertemperature becomes too much for them. They will often dive a little deeper and seek cooler waters becaus such hot temperatures do not suit them at all. As such, the spinnerbaits and crankbaits that most bass fishing enthusiasts usually use may not work that well. You should always look to use the vegetative areas of lakes and rivers because bass will seek refuge there so weedless lures like plastic worms usually work well. However, if you prefer to fish deep then using jigs and spoons can also give you a major advantage. The latter are perfect for bouncing off the bottom in warmer weather. They are also good for trolling if you want to use a boat on the lakes. Perfect for varying depth. You may also want to try vibrating lurs like buzzbaits and torpedos. The movement of those lures will bring the bass to you because they actually mimic the movement of real fish. As a result of that your catch rate will improve no end and you can locate the bass without trying. However, you have to make sure that you are fishing in mid waters or else the bass are unlikely to attack when the temperatures reach 100 degrees

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