What to use ?

With a tackle box full of just about everything in the store – how do I decide which lure to use?

You much first consider where you are going to fish.  Once you know where you are going to fish the selection of artificial bait becomes much easier. 


Each lure has properties that make it suited for a specific fishing condition.  Spinnerbaits for instance are retrieved near the surface of the water.  They are an excellent choice when fishing a four foot deep section of water that is heavily weeded.   If you move however and fish another heavily weeded area that is now ten feet deep you diminish the effectiveness of this lure.  In this deeper section of water you may want to switch to a crankbait that runs just above the weedline.  You could also switch to a plastic worm or a jig.  Key thing is you want the bait to go where the fish are.


Another reason you need a full box is for selection of colors.  I have had people inform me that Largemouth Bass are color blind and that means color does not matter.  This is wrong, yes they are color blind but the fact is some colors are more visible in different water conditions.  Factors such as water depth, water clarity and amount of sunlight have a profound impact on how easy it is for a Largemouth Bass to see you sure.  It is not a matter of whether the Bass prefers a yellow lure to an orange lure. It is a matter of whether it can see your lure at the distance required. 


You also need a variety of shapes and sizes.  I once saw a  10lb+ bass feeding off bugs near a shoreline I like to fish.  I cast everything I had with no luck.  Finally I pulled out a very small crankbait my son often used to catch panfish. It of course was the lure that boated this large fish that was currently feeding off small prey and ignoring larger lures. If you can match what the bass are feeding on you have a big advantage.  If you are fishing a rocky area you know holds crayfish a lure shaped like a crayfish is more effective than one shaped like a minnow. Fish with a plan and you will have much success.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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