What type of jig should I use for late winter and early spring bass fishing? How should I use it?

what type of jig should i use for now late winter and early spring and how should i use it. im only 11

Try a spinnerbait for late winter and early spring bass fishing. The spinnerbait looks like a propeller turning over the jig head. By using the spinnerbait, you can catch a good deal of bass if you are in the right location and know how to use it efficiently. Let the spinnerbait cover as much water as possible to attract the bass. If you are going to cast it and reel it in right away, you are not using the spinnerbait correctly. In winter you will use the spinnerbait near steep structures in deep waters. The bait should resemble shad, which is what bass are used to during winter months. During early spring, use bait that resembles crawfish to attract the bass. One thing to keep in mind when selecting the right spinnerbait for where you are fishing is the water clarity. If the water is dirty or dark, you are going to retrieve your bait slowly. Then use the Colorado blade spinnerbait. If the water is clear, you will use the tandem willow leaf blades. If the water conditions are a mixture of both, use the Indiana blades. The thing to remember about water conditions is that bass that live in dirty and murky water rely on vibration to get their food. Thus, the Colorado blade will work the best. The Colorado displaces more water and creates more vibration under the water. If you keep these different types of spinnerbaits in mind, you should have no problem catching some late winter and early spring bass.

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