What Weedless Lures Should I Use In Florida?

I just moved here from New Jersey. I always fish with a surface lure mainly a weedless frog. What is your choice of top weedless lures for Florida? I recently fished the Trout Creek. Thank you for your time. Joe

Weedless lures can really bring on your bass fishing technique and up your catch rate if used corretly. However, they can take a lot of time to master. If you have mastered the art and want to use a weedless lure then the diversity of the Florida lakes and rivers is the perfect place to start! Top weedless lures to use here are plentiful. In fact, you could use any one of the range available and get some sort of bite if you can use it properly. However, the plastic worm is one of the better lures for use in Florida. Worms are extremely attractive to the fish here and usually help to increase the catch rate. It is always the perfect lure for any type of vegetation or wate so it is pretty versatile. If you fish the top water then you could do a lot worse than to use crankbaits. Crankbaits are a firm favourite of experienced bass fishing enthusiasts in Florida because they achieve an awesome strike rate in spring and summer. However, you would be best to choose crankbaits with wings to prevent it snagging in any vegetation that occupies the banks or lies just under the water. Finally, try a buzzbait. This will work in spring, summer, fall and winter because the vibrations lure the bass like bees to honey! They can sense the movement and believe it to be food. As such, it works a treat. The buzzbait is one of the better weedless lures to use but any of the above will work well in Florida.

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