What’s the Best Way to Bass Fish in the Potomac River?

What’s the best way to bass fish in the Potomac River?

Recently, the Potomac has received national recognition as a world class destination for catching all kinds of fish, but particularly bass. No matter how you go about it, great striped bass action is there for the taking on the Potomac River! Rockfish, as native Marylanders call the more commonly known striper, or striped bass, is actually the state fish, and with good reason! Still, do not discount the open invitation these waters pose to catch largemouth bass either, because, on the Potomac, the fishing is fine! The season for Largemouth bass, striper/rockfish is from April 22 to May 31 in the spring, and June 1 to December 31 in the summer and fall. If you are fishing from January to March, concentrate on tributaries off the main part of the river, and the deep coves. Fish structured areas such as pilings and bridges. Use silver or gold silver buddies, 5 inch plastic grubs in junebug, smoke, and pumpkin seed, jig/pig combinations in blue and black and black and green. If you are fishing from April to June, concentrate on tributaries and more shallow coves off the main river area, marina adjacent to deep water areas, at the heads of tributaries, and pay close attention to areas boasting new growth of submerged grasses. Use tandem spinnerbaits in white and chartreuse, plastic ring worms, and Carolina rigged lizards and worms. In the months of July through September, fish areas in the main river with aquatic vegetation and grasses. The more shallow tributaries on the Maryland side with submerged grasses, vegetation just beginning to break the surface are also excellent locations in which to find the bass. In the months of October to December, concentrate your efforts on main river areas, points, drops, deep water with wooded areas and structure nearby. If you are fishing top water, consider buzzbait or floating worms. In grassy areas, plastic worms, tandem spinners, and jig and pig are going to serve you well.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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