When do largemouth bass start to spawn in Arkansas?

id like to know when large mouth bass start there spawn in arkansas

Largemouth bass that inhabit the lakes, rivers and other bodies of water in Arkansas are incredibly active. They have a tendency to move from one place to another throughout the year but there is one season during which they become quite predictable and that is the spawning period. Largemouth bass in waters to the South of the United States move to ideal areas for spawning between February and April, and this is considered to be the pre-spawning period. During this period, they move from deeper waters to the shallower areas of water bodies. The water is warmer there and much better for spawning. At that point, feeding will take place before the largemouth bass will begin to spawn in mid to late April. The water has to be between 63 and 68 degrees before it will occur. The post-spawn period commences as soon as the water hits around 70 degrees and it is then that they will move again and become more active in terms of their migration and their feeding. Some experts argue against fishing during the spawning period in Arkansas and elsewhere and so many bass fishing enthusiasts wait until afterwards to start their own personal fishing seasons. Leaving it until this period to fish for largemouth bass will provide much less disruption to the population. Pre and post spawning activity can be fruitful enough for you though so be aware that your catch rate can be just as high if you fish outsde the Arkansas spawning period.

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  1. Paul says:

    I live in Las Vegas and fish at Lake Mead for large mouth and stripper bass. The spanning of large mouth is early here do to the high heat we get.

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