Where should I go (in Michigan) to catch bass?

Where should I go (in Michigan) to catch bass? I’m a beginner and I just want to go to the best place to have the best shot at catching them.

In the Upper Peninsula, you can go to Lake Gogebic. You can catch some small and fat smallmouth bass. Most people fish this lake for perch and walleye, but the smallmouth bass are common. The sizes are usually 20 to 21 inches and about 4 to 5 pounds. In Houghton County, you can fish Torch and Portage lakes. The Torch Lake location for smallmouth bass is in the south end of the lake. This is going to be by Ereux Point. If you are fishing Portage Lake, you should fish by Torch Bay off the shores on the south side. They are catching the bass with crankbaits. Douglas Lake is another smallmouth bass fishing hole. The lake has a large population of bass and they seem to bite at just about anything. Try fishing the North and South Fishtail Bays. The smallmouth is also found by Pells Island by the boat launch. Beaver Lake has produced 23-inch smallmouth bass. The lake is shaped like a bowl with a deep hole in the middle. Fish the drop off area by the edge right before the drop off. They are catching the bass with crankbaits that resemble the crayfish. Fish by the drop off near the western shore by the boat launch as well as the north end by the breaks and weeds. You should have some god fishing if you visit these places for some great smallmouth bass fishing. The weather will play a role in when to fish and what techniques to use as well.

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