Where the Stripers Are..

I want to go stripped bass fishing on our next vacation. Where are good parts of the country?

It depends of where you are going, and whether you want to fish for marine striped bass, or freshwater striped bass. They have also been introduce into the Pacific, Ecuador and many other countries. They are a remarkably adaptable fish.

Marine striped bass are plentiful all along the Atlantic seaboard, from as far north as the St. Lawrence River, down around Florida, and into the Gulf of Mexico to the Texas coast. Some of the more notable spots are Chesapeake Bay, Block Island, Narragansett, Cape Hatteras, and New Brunswick, Ga.,

Freshwater striped bass have been introduced into most parts of the country, so no matter where you go, chances are there is some good striped bass fishing nearby. Some of the more notable lakes and rivers are Lake Texoma, on the Texas-Oklahoma border, the Santee-Cooper River, and Lake Moultrie in SC, Lake Lanier, near Altanta, Ga., Lakes Chickamauga and Nickajack, near Chattanooga, Tn., and Lake Ouachita in Ar.

Happy fishing.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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