Where to Go to Catch Bass in Georgia

Lake Eufaula is a Corps of Engineers lake of 45,000 acres, off of Hwy 39, near Ft Gaines, Ga. This lake is considered by many to be one of the best bass lake in the U. S. It comes off of the fertile Chattahoochee River. The abundant structure in the lake holds big bass most of the year. Crank-baits and worms are productive from late spring thru fall. Spinner-baits and floating lures fished around weed-beds from late winter to late spring produced good numbers of large bass. Jjg & Pig combinations work well in brush and stump fields during the winter months.

West Point Lake is a Corps of Engineers lake of 26,000 acres, between La Grange, Ga., and the Alabama State Line. It hosts many national tournaments. With great structure and many man-made brush piles, it is a popular destination for bass anglers from all over the world.. Summer fishing is good on the main lake while current is moving. Crank-baits and plastic worms are top lures to try. In the spring, creeks and coves are prime spots to try spinner-baits and Rapalas. In the fall try crank-baits on ripraps and off of points. In the winter, spoons jigged near deep brush are very productive.

Lake Sidney Lanier is a 38,000 acre Corps of Engineers lake, 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta, near the towns of Buford, Dahlonega, Dawsonville and
Cummings. Access is off of I-85, I-985, and Ga. 400. It is one of the most heavily visited Corps Of Engineers Lakes in the entire country, with over 8 million visitors a year. It is unique in that is has the largest population of spotted bass in the U. S. And they are large, with 5 pounders being fairly common. Spinner-baits and top-water lures fished on points and humps in the late spring are successful for bass feeding on blueback herring. Spotted bass can be caught year round on the same lures.

Lake Sinclair is a 15,000 acre Georgia Power lake directly downstream of Lake Oconee. It is a great winter lake due to the warm water discharge from the power plant. Crank-baits and jigs work well around shallow cover like docks, all winter long. In the spring, the backs of coves and grass-beds are great [places to try spinner-baits and worms. Docks can be good in the summer, too. Try crank-baits around rocks in the fall. Carolina rigged worms work year round.

These are your best bets for filling a stringer with bass in Ga.

Happy Fishing.

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