Winter Fishing Lures In Texas

what’s the best lure for winter fishing. (fall) on lake livingston tx.

I am sure you are aware that fishing for bass in winter is much more difficult than fishing for bass in spring, summer or fall, purely and simply because the bass are unlikely to bite if you use your usual techniques and lures. Bass are extremely active in warmer temperatures but hardly move in winter. This is because they are cold blooded and the temperature of the water slows down the functions within their bodies. They digest far slower, take in less oxygen and move less so they are not likely to bite… unless you change your tactics! A good lure can really help you to fish for bass in winter because it will undoubtely prove to be better in attracting the fish. However, you have to play to the weaknesses that the bass has. The best winter lures out there vibrate. This plays to the fact that the bass detect their prey by sensing their movements in the water around them. Their sense of movement and vibration can allow them to home in on their prey quickly. In winter, when food is often scarce and they cannot move as quickly, they will be able to find your lure as a result of those vibrations so this is often met with great success. A torpedo is perfect for that. Another tip though is to keep the lure as static as possible in the water. Let the vibrations do the work because a bass may give up on it if it moves around too much because they have to use their energy to get it! Keep the line in the same place so that the vibrations are not misleading to the bass and you will find it easier to fish!

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