Wisconsin Bass

Are there any good areas for bass fishing in Wisconsin?

My favorite place to fish for bass in Wisconsin is on the Mississippi River near the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. There are many places you can fish in this section of the river. Lake Pepin in perhaps the most commonly fished area. My preference though is fishing on the backwater of the Mississippi River near Nelson. You really can catch just about anything on this section of the river. It is quite hard to target one species only and not wind up catching at least half a dozen different species of fish. Both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass inhabit this section of the river. You need to know where each likes to hang out to maximize your catch. Largemouth Bass can by typically found in the slower moving sections of the river near weed growth. They are generally quite active and must be fished in a different manner than Largemouth Bass that inhabit lakes. River bass typically move much faster for their meals than lake fish do. They also generally eat much smaller meals than their counterparts that live in lakes. You will therefore want to select a bait that exploits this feature. My best bet is using a small think crankbait. I like the smaller Rapala models in either orange or light blue. You will generally want to use very vibrant colors as the water can be quite murky. The Smallmouth Bass fishery is also quite active. You can use much of the same pattern as listed above but concentrate your effort to faster moving areas with rocky bottom rather than weeds.

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