World Biggest Largemouth Bass

He first sent documentation (photos and video) to the IGFA’s sister association JGFA or Japan Game Fish Association. They are responsible for sending the information to the IGFA and handling any communication that needed to take place between the IGFA and Kurita.

One reason it took so long to determine if Kurita’s fish would be named the new world record for the largemouth bass was because some investigation needed to be done first. Rumors began to spread about where the fish was caught. For example, it was rumored that the largemouth bass was caught in a “no-fishing zone”. If this had been true then the catch would not have been legal. However, this rumor was proven to be false but the problems didn’t end there.

There was a lot of controversy over whether or not a fish caught in Japan could be considered for the “All-Tackle” record. Some believed it shouldn’t be considered and others believed that he should be given the credit he deserved. Before a decision was rendered Kurita was required to take a polygraph test to clear up all questions. This helped to prove that his catch was legitimate and the old record was officially tied.

Through the years the IGFA have had many anglers report they caught the new record for the largemouth bass. The IGFA always follows specific rules to make sure the information they receive is valid even though it may take some time to gather and go through all the information.

Kurita accomplished what millions of anglers have been trying to do for seventy-seven years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the competition will stop. Anglers will continue to try to break the record in the future and they may even have a new enthusiasm about it since Kurita tied the record. This makes other anglers believe that breaking the world record is not so far out of reach after all.

Catching the world’s biggest largemouth bass is quite an accomplishment and Manabu Kurita now has the recognition he deserves. His patients for waiting for the decision to be made and for providing all of the information he was asked should also be commended.

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