World Record Bass Fish – and how it was caught

Over the years many anglers have set out to catch the world record bass and many have come close. However, for seventy-seven years a Georgia man named George Perry held the title of catching the largest bass in the world but things have now changed. There is a new world record or tie to beat. That title now goes to a man named Manabu Kurita.

This 32 year old fisherman caught the world’s largest largemouth bass now recorded in the books as a tie to Perry’s and it was caught in Japan. It’s officially considered a tie because it weighed twenty-two pounds and four ounces, which is almost the exact weight of the world record bass caught by Perry. According to the rules set forth by the IGFA, a bass must weigh at least two ounces more than the one holding the current record before it can be considered a new record and Kurita’s bass weighed a little less than an ounce more than Perry’s.

It took six months for the decision to be made about whether or not this bass would be officially declared a tie, but Kurita’s name is now officially entered in the International Game Fish Association World Record Games Fishes Book for catching the biggest largemouth bass recorded in history. He certainly has something to be proud of and you can’t help but wonder how long he will hold this title.

Why Did It Take So Long to Make the Decision?

You may be wondering why it took so long for the officials to make the decision and award Kurita this title. There are actually several reasons why it was a difficult decision. The first problem occurred because the fish that Kurita caught was so close to the same weight of the one holding the current title at the time. This made it a difficult decision but in the end, it was determined that it was a tie for this record.

Another reason for the delay had to do with where the bass was caught. Since it was caught in Lake Biwa northeast of Kyoto, it took time for him to submit his application to the IGFA. It had to go through a few different channels before it reached its final destination. Once the application finally reached the IGFA, it had to be investigated to make sure all the rules were followed when the bass was caught and that he truly deserved the title.

Rumors had erupted that the bass was caught in a “no-fishing zone” and there were some people that didn’t believe the bass could be considered for this title because of where it was caught. Kurita was even asked to take a polygraph test to answer a variety of questions to make sure everything was done legally. After the investigation was complete, the rumor was proven to be false. It was then decided that he followed all the legal rules, which did qualify him to hold the title of the largest world record bass fish ever caught and recorded.

How Was It Caught

Since Kurita accomplished something that anglers all over the world have been trying to do for seventy-seven years, many would like to know how it was caught. The reports that have surfaced surrounding this amazing catch state that on July 2nd, Kurita went bass fishing on Lake Biwa. This is the largest lake found in Japan and believed to be one of the oldest lakes in the world. It covers 259 square miles and the water, which is said to be crystal clear, is over three hundred feet deep.

He was using a Deps model fishing rod combined with a Shimano Antares DC 7 fishing reel. Kurita was using 25 pound Toray fluorocarbon fishing line and he was fishing with live bait. It’s stated that the live bait he was using this day was either a bluegill or a fish that is very similar to this species that is a native of Japan. Just a little before noon, Kurita got the bite that has gained him so much attention world-wide.

When he first got the bite, he was excited because he knew it was going to be a big fish. He could tell by the struggle the bass was putting up. Imagine his excitement when he realized that this largemouth bass very well could be the next world record. Imagine how you would feel if it was you reeling in this catch.

Now is time to get out there and see if you can beat Kurita’s record and have your name officially recorded as the man or women who caught the newest world record bass. Kurita’s accomplishment has rekindled the desire to be the next person to hold this record because it’s been proven that it’s possible. You have just as good of a chance as making this dream a reality as anyone else does. As long as you get out there and spend some time on the water bass fishing, that is.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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